Sat Mar 1 2008

Battery box

This evening I smoothed out all eight lightening holes in the battery box. I also scuffed up the paint so it'd be ready for a fresh coat of black paint.

I used the nice flat surface of my sander to make sure I had the side support brackets flush to the box. Actually that's not quite right. The plans say to space up the right side bracket by .020 to accomodate for the thickness of the firewall recess flange. I measured the thickness of that material and it's only .016 thick so I used a .016 thick spacer instead of the .020 that the plans indicated.

After match drilling, it was time to dimple. I had to switch yokes for these two holes in the middle, but was able to squeeze them all.

Then a few more squeezes had the side brackets dimpled as well.

I opened up the nutplate holes to #11 and #40, then countersunk the rivet locations.

Last thing for the day was to finish up the clamp bar. It's got a series of six 3/4 inch lightening holes in the top.