Sat Mar 29 2008

Trip to Put-in Bay

My friend, Tom Webster was nice enough to let me fly with him to Put-in Bay today. Here we're approaching the shore of Lake Erie. You can see there's still some ice on the lake up here.

On downwind for runway 3 at 3W2. You can see the Davis Besse nuclear power plant in the distance.

I caught a nice photo of Perry's monument while in the pattern.

Here we are turning for final.

Five RVs showed up. From nearest to farthest, they are:

  1. Bernie's RV-7A (with a new rudder ;-)
  2. Tom's RV-7A
  3. Greg's RV-8
  4. Bud's RV-8
  5. Greg's RV-4

We ate lunch at the Skyway Restaurant at the end of the field. The food was great and the company even better. Here's the group. Counterclockwise from the bottom right is: Bernie, Bud, Greg, Gary (a friend who flew up with Bernie), Tom, and Greg.

I managed to snap a shot of Greg in his beautiful RV-8 before he left.

Here is Tom and me in front of his RV-7A.

Likewise, Bernie and Gary in front of Bernie's RV-7A.

Greg departing...

...then Bud...

...and finally the other Greg.

After takeoff, Tom and I made a tour of the Lake Erie islands. Here's Kellys island.

Then up to Pelee Island on the Canadian side of the lake.

Tom's GPSmap 396 is very user friendly for finding airport info.

Then we turned south. Here's North Bass island...

...followed by Middle Bass island. South Bass (where we just departed) is also visible in the distance.

We were cruising along at 4500ft when we met this narrow band of clouds.

We hopped up to 6500 to get over it. The rest of the flight home was fun. Tom's easy to talk to and great company. Thanks again for the flight, Tom!