Wed Apr 23 2008

Polishing firewall complete!

This evening I finished with the green compound and managed to do a full buff with the blue compound. The finish certainly isn't perfect, but given the effort I'm gonna call it good enough. Without something in the foreground for reference, it's difficult to get a feel for how shiny it actually is, so I put one of Kerin's plants in front of it do better show how it turned out.

Yes, I know I still have to do the firewall recess and the heater box, but I'm polished out. I'll do those some other time. I really need to get back to building.

The aftermath. Two rolls of paper towels cover the floor.

My workbench is a disaster. The polishing dust has covered everything including the wall behind the workbench.

The labels on my storage containers are barely readable behind all the crap.

A pile of threads that came loose while cleaning the wheels. Dang, the shop's gonna take a while to get cleaned up. I'll try to get some of that done tomorrow since that's the last day I'll have before heading out of town to my brother's for vacation.