Sun May 11 2008

Sawhorses and tailcone

Well after some frustration with the assembly of the sawhorses this past Friday, I decided to do some redesign. I cut out gusset plates for the legs and then sawed the slot for the cross board in the band saw after the legs were screwed together. That worked great and they assembled very well. Here are the three completed sawhorses. The boards on the floor next to them will be clamped to the horzontal sawhorse board and shimmed until level.

I decided to do some work on the tailcone this evening, so following the directions I clecoed the F-709 and F-708 bulkheads to the bottom skin. I also slid the J-channels in position but did not mark the centerline on them yet. This is just a test fitting of the skins and bulkheads so I can verify the J-channel trim will work as described in the plans. I had previously left the J-channels untrimmed for just this purpose.

Got the side skins clecoed on.

I also got the F-710, F-711, F-712 bulkeads and F-779 aft bottom skin clecoed on. The F-779 aft bottom skin is really thick (I think .040) and the fit isn't all that great, so I couldn't get it fully clecoed up.

Here you can see where the curvature of the F-779 aft bottom skin isn't really complete. It doesn't fit well to the bulkhead ribs and is kind of pushing the side skins outward.

Several clecos are like this one...under a lot of stress and not all the way in. I'm going to have to work on the fit of that bottom skin some. Hopefully the fit will be good enough to check the fit and trim of the J-channels. I'll check that tomorrow.