Fri May 23 2008

Center section

I started this evening by clecoing the floor ribs to the aft half of the F-704 bulkhead. It was quickly apparent that I needed to cut mouse ears out of the flanges of the two center ribs to allow passage for the the snap bushings.

There. That looks better.

Since this is an -A model, I'm going to install steps on both the left and right sides. So I needed to cut some 1 5/8 holes through the F-725 ribs. Problem is that my fly cutter was damaged by cutting the holes in the battery box. You can see the cutting tip is completely chipped away and the tool is burned pretty badly. Cutting steel with one of these is not recommended.

Well after some work with the sander, followed by the grinder, and finally a sharpening stone the cutting tip looks great. Let's see how she cuts!

No problem cutting through these ribs.

When clecoing up the ribs to the F-705 rear spar bulkhead, I ran into the same problem as before.

A rough cut with the Dremel followed by a bunch of filing had my flanges clearing the snap bushings.

I clecoed the two groups of bulkheads and ribs together on the floor in hopes of getting the bottom skin clecoed on.

Unfortunately as soon as I flipped the assembly over I realized that I hadn't fluted any of these ribs yet. I'm gonna have to take this all back apart to do the fluting. That's should go quick and I actually like fluting. I should get the bottom skin clecoed on tomorrow.