Sun Jun 1 2008

Seat belt bracket prototype

After going in to work some yesterday to design the seat belt brackets for my backup lap belt I decided to make a prototype. So I hacked out a chunk of aluminum from one of the "spare" elevator skins I had laying around. I figured .020 would be quick and easy to cut and bend. Here you can see I'm just going to trace around the bracket flat pattern from the CAD drawing. Gotta love SolidWorks. It makes the flat patterns automatically.

...a little tracing...

and some cutting and this was ready to bend.

After bending the flanges around a wood dowel, I checked the fit on one of the floor ribs. Looks pretty good.

But when I locate it next to the kit bracket it looks a little short. I think I'll extend the bracket 1/4 inch then have them quoted.

Update: I found a local shop that is going to laser cut and bend all eight brackets for around $70. Schweet!