Mon Jun 9 2008

Fitting F-715 ribs

I've been pretty much a complete slacker while waiting for my parts to arrive from Van's, but today the package came and I got back to work. Ironically I could have done this even before my stuff got here. Oh well.

I clecoed the left F-715 rib in place... mark where the forward edge needed trimmed to clear the bend radius of the aft half of the F-704 bulkhead.

I needed to trim about 3/16 inch off. This may be one of the few times I've actually used these snips. Anyway after snipping and some filing these were ready to go.

Once that was done I drew lines 5/16 inch from the edges of the bottom flanges, clecoed the ribs in place, and match drilled them to the bottom skin

Afterward, I got out the floor plates to mark the screw hole locations in preparation for fluting.

All fluted and ready to be drilled to the floor plates.