Thu Jun 12 2008

Fitting first F-716 doubler rib

First thing for tonight was to deburr the lightening holes in these extra ribs and flute the bottom flanges to get them to lie flat. Easy stuff.

After taking a couple measurements I determined that I needed to trim the forward flange some. I took 2 1/4 inch off the bottom and 7/8 inch off the top.

The forward flange now clears the snap bushing in the firewall. However the small tab in this photo doesn't match up with the prepunched hole in the aft F-704 bulkhead... off it comes.

Next, at the aft end fo this rib I could see that the thickness of the rib is keeping the seatbelt bracket from lining up with the hole. Maybe I can trim down the edge of this bracket somewhat.

Nope. It's already at the minimum edge distance.

I'll just have to trim off the flange.

There should now be enough gap between the aft edge of this rib and the F-705C bar to let the seatbelt bracket fit.

Yup. The bolt goes in just fine. I'll have to check if there's clearance for a socket on this bolt. It's getting late...I'll work some more tomorrow.