Wed Aug 20 2008

Trimming F-638 seat supports

First things first...I decided to completely bag the extra seat belt brackets. I've spent a lot of time looking at the plans and have determined that there's no good way to install auxiliary mounting locations on this airplane. So, I'm just going to attach the secondary lap belt to the existing brackets. Good 'nuff. To undo all the work I've done, I ordered a replacement F-776 center section bottom skin. I didn't even ask how much it cost...I really don't want to know. Sigh.

While I'm waiting for that to come in, I decided to work on the seats. These can be built up pretty much anytime, so I decided it would be good filler work. Here I've marked out the flanges of the F-638 seat supports.

After about an hour of trimming and filing, these are done. Of course I still need to match drill them to their respective hinges. It's good to have a resolution to that stupid seat belt bracket fiasco and be moving forward.