Sat Aug 23 2008

Flying with Tom Webster / working on seats

Today I went flying with Tom up to Warren Airport (62D) to meet up with some other RV and non-RV folks and have lunch. Here's Ed coming in for landing in a beautiful RV-4. This plane has over 700 hours on it and has been flying for 15 years. Very nice!

Here's Bernie, Tom, and one other fellow who's name I didn't catch.

Harvey and Cathy had a very nice light sport aircraft.

From lef to right is Dale, Dave's daughter (didn't get her name), Dave, Tom, and Bernie.

Bernie got a shot with me in the frame. (hope camera still works :-)

Bill (Popeye) and Damon did some nice passes when they left. Note that these videos are huge, so please right click and Select "Save target as" to take mercy on my poor little cable internet connection. First pass Second pass Third pass Fourth pass Fifth pass

I also got a nifty video clip of a fellow hand propping an airplane to get 'er started.

After getting home, I worked on the seats some more. These are the .040 deep x 9/16 wide notches that I did during my lunch hour yesterday at work in the machine shop.

I decided to cut the hinges for the seats. See the note at the bottom that says the hinges should be 15 1/2 long? I'm pretty sure that's wrong. It doesn't make any sense...the seats are 16 inches wide. The drawing has a callout about where to position the open end of the hinge. The only way that the hinge could have a single open end is if it were 16 inches long. If it were 15 1/2 long as described, it would have either two open or two closed ends. I decided to make the bottom hinges 16 inches long

Here are the two bottom hinges cut to 16 inches long each. Note that I made them symmetrical so that I can orient the open end of the hinge one way on the left seat and the other way on the right seat.

I also decided to cut the pieces of hinge that will be attached to the floors. I just set the hinge pins aside for these since they won't be needed.

Next was to cut the two pieces of hinge 15 1/2 inches long (F-637D) for the seat back support.