Sun Aug 24 2008

Working on seats and flying with Dick Wetherald

These first three photos are actually carried over from the previous night. After laying out the rivet positions on one of the seat side angles, I made a simple drilling jig to ensure I had consistent edge distance.

Once one was drilled, I just clamped it to it's neighbor and transfer drilled.

Here are all four seat side angles drilled to #40. I'll match them to the seat backs before I drill all these holes to #30.

Around lunch today, I met with Brent and Dick to go flying in Dick's beautiful Cessna 172. Dick keeps this plane in beautiful condition. It's got a powerful 180 HP engine. I was surprised how roomy it was inside. This was to be my first flight in a C-172. To top it off, Dick even let me do a bunch of the flying! Thanks, Dick. It was a bit of a stressful flight for me, however, as I had Dick in the left seat with over 3000 hours (much of it in this very plane), and Brent in the back with more thousands on top of that. I think I have something like 55 hours as PIC and none of that in the past 18 years, so my technique left a little to be desired. Sigh. The guys were very supportive and I didn't make either of them throw up, so it turned out OK.

Well, we were going to head to Mansfield, but found the airport to be closed for construction, so we headed over to Grimes Field in Urbana for lunch and some discussion about EAA chapter 9. Dick is the President of the chapter. Since I've recently been appointed as one of the directors, I'm taking over the membership coordinator role. This photo in front of an A-26 is the official passing of the torch, so to speak.

I snapped a photo of the hangar to commemorate the occasion.

After arriving home, I worked on finishing the drilling for the left seat.

When I got to the point of drilling the hinge for the flipper plate (not the correct name), I realized that this one particular hole was supposed to be drilled slightly out of line with the other ones.

Since I didn't realize that until after cutting the hinge to length, I'm going to have bad edge distance for the outermost rivets. These will be AN470AD4 rivets, so I should have 1/4 inch minimum edge distance, but you can see here that I've only got 3/16. Had I caught this earlier I would have just cut the hinge a little longer on each end. Well, it's not a structural rivet so I'm just going to live with the bad edge distance in this case.

This hole is #40. It'll look slightly worse once I drill it to #30.

Here's the left seat fully drilled to #40. Just have to open these up to #30, disassemble, and deburr.