Thu Aug 28 2008

Drilling new F-776 skin

Well after unpacking my new F-776 center section bottom skin I decided to get it together with its friends. Here's the old assembly, complete with seat belt bracket hell. I'd like to title this image "Fiasco central".

It didn't take long to un-cleco all the parts from the skin.

Here's the ever-growing stack-o-scrap. Sigh.

I laid the new skin on top of the old one and popped in a couple clecos at the corners to verify the prepunching is as perfect as I have come to expect. It was right on the money. God bless whoever invented CNC punched skins. I took the old skin and added it to "the stack".

After some time with the drill, I had almost all the holes opened up to #40. It's not really match drilling, because I didn't have the structure clecoed up. I'll actually match drill the forwardmost row of holes to the forward F-704 bulkhead rather than doing those blind.

Next was to start reassembling the floor skeleton. Got the floor ribs clecoed on.

...then the baggage floor ribs.

After setting the skeleton on the saw horses, I flopped the new skin over the top and clecoed 'er all up. The fit was excellent. I wanted to get Kerin's help to flip this over, but by that time it was after 10:00 PM and she was in full pumpkin mode on the sofa. I guess that'll have to wait until tomorrow.