Wed Sep 17 2008

Miscellaneous fuselage work

This evening I didn't have a concrete plan so I caught up on some little stuff. First was to drill these F-623A-AFT plates to the tailcone and F-706 bulkhead. They took a bit of filing until they fit correctly, but I think they came out well. By the way, I dunno if I mentioned it or not, but I remade these out of .063 thick material instead of the .025 the plans call for. Hopefully that will compensate for the fact that the edge distance on these rivets isn't so good.

Next, I drilled the F-715 outboard ribs to the F-770 side skins.

Then I decided to fabricate these little F-904L tie plates. Funny thing is that the instructions call these F-704L plates. Somewhere there's a typo. Shrug.

Anyway, the plans call for them to be 2 1/16 inch long...

I found some material in bag 1982 that looks like it'll do the trick.

...but these are 3 inches long. Maybe they're the wrong pieces?

Flash forward after another 10 minutes of looking around. I can't find anything else that's closer to the right size, so I'm just going to use these. It seems Odd that Van's took the time to cut them to exactly 3 inches long when it would have been no extra effort on their part to cut them to 2 1/16 inches. Oh well.

The plans call out an oddball dimension for positioning these little strips. 1 19/32 inches from the bottom edge of the longeron to the lower end of the F-904L strap.

After some thought and making this little sketch, it looks like they're trying to maintain a 1/32 inch space between the end of the strap and the radius of the longeron.

However, since the longeron is angled on at the forward (right in this image) half of the F-704 bulkhead, one corner of the F-904L strap will be touching the radius. Not a problem by any means, but seems kind of sloppy to me.

I decided to file a 5.6 degree angle in the end of the forward ones. That will match the angle of the longeron.