Sun Sep 28 2008

Lee Bottom Fly-in

Yesterday, my friend Scott and I went flying. He flew up from his house up to Delaware (DLZ) to pick me up. Then we flew up to packer field to meet a friend of his.

Here's John and his girlfriend, Kristin, in front of his beautifully polished Cessna 120.

John flew in loose formation to Moraine airport, where the annual Cessna 120/140 fly-in was taking place. Then we again flew in loose formation to Lee Bottom Flying field in southern Indiana right next to the Ohio river.

After camping out overnight, we awoke to a fog covered field. Here's a DC-3 that flew in waiting for the fog to clear.

John's Cessna 120 catching some of the morning light.

With a thin layer of fog, this plane made an easy departure.

John and Kristin left before Scott and I. We watched most of the other aircraft leave before departing ourselves.

This Pietenpol had smoke onboard. Very cool. :-)