Sat Oct 11 2008

Step kit installation

After drilling the forward flanges of the armrests (sorry, no photos), drilling the F-704Ks, removing all of that and setting them aside, I started working on the step installation. First thing was to locate the pilot hole. I didn't have a 1 1/2 inch hole saw so....

...I made a quick run to the local Sears Hardware store and bought the low-priced option in terms of hole saws. This puppy cost just under $7.

Getting ready to drill.

I learned two things while drilling this first hole. One, my Sioux drill didn't have enough torque. I had to switch to my cordless drill. Two, low speed and relatively high pressure worked better than high speed and low pressure.

I inserted the step into the side of the fuselage...

...but the step seemed to bottom out on the baggage floor rib before I could slide it all the way in.

So I marked off about 3/16 inch and sawed it off with the hack saw.

After the ring of scrap fell to the floor, I noticed this fella standing nearby. Although he looked friendly enough, I captured him and let him outside. :-)