Sun Oct 26 2008

Joggle problems

These first three pictures are from last night.

I was going to work on getting the skin stiffener angles installed, but I noticed the joggles are pretty crappy. I'll think this over some before moving forward to see if there's something I can do to improve the situation.

So in the meantime, I decided to finish up working on the step installation. My order from Brown Tool came the other day, so I had the threaded drill bits I needed to drill through the baggage ribs and also crosswise through the torque tube. Even with the angle drill, it was kind of a pain in the keester drilling these holes. Working over your head sucks.

After some pounding and bending, the bottom of the angle doesn't bulge out anymore, but the joggle isn't deep enough now. It needs to be joggled 1/8 inch, but it's only joggled about 1/16 inch.

Last thing for the night was to open up the holes in the step flange from #40 to #30.