Sun Nov 16 2008

Aileron boot rings

Well even though it's been a while since my last post, I have actually been working on the RV. Well, sort of anyway. I've been making some tooling in the machine shop at work to (hopefully) resolve the crappy joggle issue. Anyway, today Kody was over and we decided to work on making some aileron boot rings. Here is Kody making the first outside cut on the band saw.

Next I drew a four inch diameter circle for the center hole to match the hole in the side skins. I didn't have a compass handy, so I used a piece of scrap with a #40 hole at the center and a 1/16 inch hole to stick the pen through. It worked just fine.

The nibbler did a quick job of hacking out the center material.

After some time with the drum sander attachment in the drill press and some scotchbrite, these were ready to drill to the fuselage.

After drilling some #19 holes for #8 screws, I drilled, deburred, and dimpled for nutplates.