Wed Nov 19 2008

Joggle tooling

Well, here's the joggle tooling in our hydraulic press at work.

This actually went so easy, I wonder if I could do this at home with a big c-clamp or something.

After I got home, I unbolted the contraption.

The joggle looks great! Just a slight bulge at the compression side, but other than that no objectionable deformation.

The joggle is nice and parallel with the scale.

After doing a little cleanup with a file, I had the bulge filed out. Here's a comparison between a stock joggle from the kit and one of the new joggles. You can see that the stock joggle bulges out quite a bit (near the 7 3/4 mark) whereas the new joggle is nice and striaght.

I'm very happy with the way this came out. I think it'll eliminate some unsightly bulges from showing through on the outside of the skin. All I need to do is duplicate this a bunch of times using the 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/16 x 6 ft lg angle stock I ordered from Vans. I should be able to send back some of the joggled pieces from the kit to defray some of the cost of the angle aluminum.