Sat Nov 22 2008

Angle joggles

Well I setup the joggle tooling this morning to do some joggles. I used one of my nice, heavy duty Bessey clamps to apply the force. The angle didn't even budge, so off I went to work to use the hydraulic press. It's amazing how easy that press makes it.

After getting back home, I cut down two pieces to length so they would match the length of the stiffener angles on either side of the firewall recess. Then I just clamped them up, transferred all the holes, deburred and countersunk plus a little finish filing and...

...Voila! They fit great. :-) After this, Snickers and I took a nap. We picked up working on the F-719L & R after dinner, but I didn't get any progress photos. Photos of the final fit are on the next page.