Sun Nov 23 2008

F-719 Stiffeners and F-717 lower longerons

After much trimming and fitting, I was able to get the F-719L fitted to the side skin. Note that I cut the ends at a 6 1/2 degree angle to match the angle of the rivet line. I believe that if I had cut the forward end square the edge distance would have been bad for the forward-most hole. As it stands, it's right at minimum now. Another alternative would be to notch out the flange slightly to clear the firewall stiffener.

The other side went more quickly as usual.

I also cutout these F-719B angle clips. One of them is done (well, except for drilling the holes up from #40 to #30) and the other one needs fitted to the F-719R. On the left angle clip, I had to narrow down the flange slightly more than the 19/32 and 21/32 dimensions that are on the plans. I believe I ended up with about 9/16 and 5/8, respectively. It's late. Tomorrow I'll finish up the right angle clip and get them drilled to the F-719L & R.

I clecoed the F-902 bulkheads in place. The F-719 stiffeners fit perfectly in the cutout provided. Nice, even clearance all the way around.

Not so, however, for the F-713 auxiliary longerons. It's rubbing the F-902 bulkhead.

A bit of filing later and I had nice even clearance around the F-713 auxiliary longerons.

Then, I match drilled the right F-719B to the left one I had drilled yesterday. Note these are #40 holes. They'll still need to be opened up to #30 after I position and drill them to the F-719L & R.

Next, I decided to work on the F-717 lower longerons. I cut the angle stock to length and started the cutout by drilling a 1/4 inch hole for the corner radius.

I clamped a piece of oak to the band saw table to support the flange of the angle as I pushed it through the blade.

After about an hour of filing, I had the first one done...or so I thought. About 30 seconds after taking this photo, I realized that I had used the wrong angle stock. This is 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/8 angle, but I should have used 1 x 1 1/4 x 1/8 angle. Arghhhh!.

Well now that I knew what kind of effort would be involved in doing the cutouts in both F-717 lower longerons, I decided to head into work and do them on one of the milling machines. Even with a 20 minute drive each way, I was done in an hour. The first one came out great. The second one experienced some chatter while I was climb-cutting the finish pass, so I had to polish that out. Those marks should be covered up later, so no big deal.

Here I've just placed the left F-717 in position. I took some readings with my angle finder and determined that the lower longerons need a 5 1/2 degree twist. I clamped them both up in the vise and twisted them the correct amount.

With the longeron twisted as necessary, I tried clamping it to the WD-603 lower engine mount weldment. However there was some interference preventing it from sitting down fully on the weldment flange. Removing some clecoes and peeling the skin back exposed the problem. The corner of the F-717 needs filed down slightly.

There! That's better.

I found one additional small interference. This fillet weld was interfereing with the end of the angle

So I just filed a small radius on the end to clear that.

The plans show that these four AN3 bolts should be drilled 1/2 inch from the edge of the angle. However, I've been bitten by things like this in the plans before so I really studied the situation and even did some research online. I decided it would be best to bias this line of bolt holes 3/32 inboard, so I used a dimension of 13/32.

After drilling #40 starter holes in the F-717 lower longeron and clamping it in place, I used a sharpie to mark the hole centers on the WD-603 weldment flange. The edge distance is perfect.

So I clamped the rig back up and drilled #40, then #12 for the AN3 bolts.

After some cleanup and deburring, I had the right side done. I finished up the night by drilling the left side as well. Good progress today!