Sun Nov 30 2008

Brake pedals

Well after two round trips to Dayton, I finally had a day to get down in the shop and do some work. Dang...a four day weekend and I only spend one day in the shop. Well it was nice visiting with Kerin's family including our niece and nephews.

I started this morning by deburring the four F-6117A side plates on the sander.

After some more deburring with a file and scotch brite wheel, these were all of a uniform size.

Then I cut the aluminum angle which will be used to attach these plates to the pedals.

Got 'em match drilled.

I fabricated the angles for the other side of the pedals. Note the tapered cut on the flange for weight savings.

Pretty much everything is match drilled here.

Kerin came down to visit for a few minutes and didn't want to put up with the noise of tools running, so I deburred these access cover plates while we chatted.

I trimmed these chamfers on the angle brackets. This can't save much weight, but every little bit helps. Besides, I think it looks nicer.

Then I countersunk for all the AN426AD4 rivets. Why the blue tape, you ask? It's because I'm planning to polish, then anodize these pedals. I discovered a while back that putting tape over the surface is a good way of preventing the chips from making circular scratches around countersunk holes. Should save me time during the polishing phase.

I realized after I had completed the countersinking that the bottom most hole in these side plates needed drilled to #12. No problem...the countersink just saved me the effort of deburring this side. :-)