Wed Dec 3 2008

Drilling F-796-A, B, C, & D

Well the first thing I did this evening was to fabricate the F-796B for the right side of the fuselage. It came out just as good as the first one.

Next, I removed the F-902 bulkhead, clamped the F-796C and D to the appropriate flange and transfer drilled through the holes.

All nicely match drilled. :-)

Then after clecoing the F-902 back in place I match drilled the F-770 side skin from through the F-902 from the inside out.

Two AN426AD3-5 rivets were used to hold the F-796C & D in position. Here's an outside view.

...and an inside view.

I clecoed the F-796B in position using the top most hole (bottom of this picture)...

...and went through the match drill / cleco process...

Until all three of the #40 holes were drilled and clecoed.

Next I broke out the F-796A tank support brackets.

...and opened their holes up to #12 (.189).

The top most #30 hole needed opened up to #12.

Likewise with the bottom most #30 hole.

Then after clecoing the bracket to the top most hole, I centered the bottom bracket hole on the line...

...and drilled 'er through.

As usual, the other side went much faster. That's it for tonight. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see...uhh...well I dunno...gonna have to read the manual I guess. :-)