Sun Dec 7 2008

Fitting rudder pedals

I started coming down with a cold today but managed to get down to the shop to do some work. First thing was to temporarily install the rudder pedals in the forward most position.

Then the firewall recess was temporarily clecoed in place.

So I could mark where the flange of the F-6118 needed trimmed. I don't think this matches the dimension Van's shows. Shrug.

Got the flange trimmed and deburred.

After clamping the gusset to the center bearing support and drilling it to the firewall stiffener...

I drilled the forward most hole using the bearing block as a guide. Note that I had previously drawn a centerline on this flange per the plans. I adjusted the bearing block until the line showed through the holes and drilled 'er through.

After that, I used the drilling jig to drill the remaining four holes. These match the holes in the side skin stiffeners. I also trimmed some material off the aft end and the top angled edge for weight savings. I was just about to start putting in lightening holes when I had to stop to get cleaned up. Kerin and I were going out to dinner with my friend Greg Schroeder and his wife.

After getting back from dinner I decided to finish working on this F-6118 support gusset. Snickers came down to the shop to see what was up, so I lifted him onto the workbench so he could sniff around. He quickly got bored...I set him back down so he could go back upstairs and hang with Kerin. He's such a momma's boy. :-)

OK, here's the gusset after putting in the lightening holes. They are 2 1/4, 1 1/2, and 7/8 diameters. I was going to make the last one 1 inch in diameter to match the plans, but my unibit only went up to 7/8 inch. I think it looks better this way after all.