Tue Dec 30 2008

Baggage compartment side panels

Well, I was out in California last week spending the Christmas holiday with my brother, his wife, and my parents so although we made a lot of progress on his RV-6A fuel tanks, I didn't work on my plane at all. The prior week was crazy with work and getting ready for the trip, so that was equally unproductive. I've been looking forward to getting back to making some progress.

This evening I located and drilled the F-750 baggage compartment aft side panels.

Then I tried to fit the F-749 baggage compartment forward side panels only to discover that this flange needed trimmed thusly.

Some trimming later to both the F-749 L & R and they were ready to be fitted and drilled to the fuselage.

This isn't really airplane related, but Snickers was hanging around in the shop (Kerin had a girls night out tonight) and looked like he needed a treat. The chewies we bought were way too big, so I chopped them into Beagle sized pieces on the band saw.

Then it was on to match drill the F-749 L & R to the fuselage.

After perusing the instructions a bit, I decided that I could no longer put off cutting these holes for the fuselage gear leg. I used one of the photocopies from the plans and clecoed it in position on the forward bottom skin.

After making a starter hole with the unibit, my Harbor Freight nibbler made quick work of opening up this hole to the rough size.

Then it was up to the die grinder with a coarse rotary file to creep up on the line. I was going to switch to my fine rotary file, but realized the shank on that one is 3/8 inch. My die grinder collet is 1/4 inch so I'm gonna have to order a different one.