Tue Jan 6 2009

F-706 doublers for extra stiffeners

This evening, I spent some time making up these doublers. The flange of this doubler will have three rivets. The rivets near each side will go through the doubler, the bulkhead, and the skin. The center rivet will go through the doubler, the J-channel stringer, and the skin. The main face of this doubler will have nine rivets attaching it to the bulkhead. I'm also going to have to flatten out two flutes in the bulkhead flange to allow this doubler and the bulkhead to nest nicely together.

Getting the doubler to have a matching stiffening bulge was quite tedious work. I think it came out quite well, though.

A little while later, I had the second one done. I'll need to make two more of these for the F-708 bulkhead as well.