Sun Jan 18 2009

Stripping powder coating

Well after about 10 hours at work yesterday and today I've got the powdercoating stripped off the two gear weldments. It was an awful job. Even though I was wearing two pair of heavy duty latex gloves, twice I managed to get a dab of the stripper on my arm (above the glove) and lemme tell ya...that stuff burns like the dickens. It put me into a run to get to the sink to wash it off.

I also used our bead blaster to remove some of the final bits of powder coating. That was a royal pain in the rear. The dang thing kept clogging up and it's very difficult to see what is going on inside the cabinet with all the dust. Even after all that was done, I still had to use an X-acto knife to scrape the last 1% of the (now rubbery) powder coating out of the crevices. I hope I never have to strip powder coating again. Tomorrow on my way to the EAA chapter 443 meeting, I'll drop these at Tech Paint to have them re-powder coated.