Sun Jan 25 2009

Miscellaneous fuselage work

This morning I spent some time on laying out a likely panel for the -7A. At this time I'm planning on having dual AFS Advanced Decks (with redundant AHRS). The three steam gauges will probably be MGL digital versions rather than vacuum powered as shown.

The radio stack consists of a PMA8000B audio panel, GNS430W, SL-30, Tru-Trak Sorcerer A/P, and a GTX-330 mode S transponder.

I'm clearly going to have problems with my flight instruments interfering with the panel support brackets, so I'll have to make some modifications to deal with that.

After that, I decided to work on patching the holes in the F-706 bulkhead where I had incorrectly drilled holes for static lines. I'm going to need to run a static line, but don't plan on running it in this location. It'll probably go under the floor. To start fabricating the patches, I made a little jig from some scrap pieces of oak.

Then I clamped the blocks together around a piece of .016 aluminum, stuck a socket down the hole and whacked it a few times until I had...

...this! This little guy came out quite nicely IMHO. :-)

Here's how it looks when held up to the back of the hole. After riveting this in place I'll probably use some epoxy and microballoons to fill the gap and make this boo-boo totally disappear.

I made a second patch just like the first one and trimmed and rounded the ends.

Next it was on to cut the U notches out of the guides which the shoulder harness cables pass through. First step was to use a brad point drill bit to drill the hole. The brad point bit worked great and didn't grab the UHMW like a regular twist drill does.

Then I just used a utility knife with a sharp blade to trim out the rest.

Just before dinner, I ran over to Ace Hardware and picked up an 8-32 tap so I could tap the holes on these wheel bearing nuts.

After eating and spending some time with Kerin and Snickers I went back down to the shop to drill the upper portion of the baggage bulkhead to the lower portion. I managed to screw up the hole on the left by drilling it for a #10 screw instead of a #8 screw. Grrrrr. At least I only drilled it incorrectly through the top sheet. I realized my error before the drill went through the bottom sheet.