Mon Jan 26 2009

Fitting baggage bulkhead and floors

This photo is actually from last night's work session. The last thing I did this evening was to use the nutplate jig (on loan from Brent and Greg) to drill the nutplate holes for the nutplates that fasten the upper and lower portions of the baggage bulkhead together. Tomorrow I'll probably drill the baggage bulkhead to the F-706 bulkhead.

I'm planning on using screws to attach the floor panels in both the baggage area and passenger area, so I need to get the floors drilled for all of those nutplates. This drilling jig is on loan and I want to get it back to Brent as soon as possible. It really worked great. I might think about just getting one of my own. Hrm...I suppose I could also make one at work.

One miscellaneous item that I've procrastinated on for a while was drilling the F-722 and F-724 aft fuselage bulkheads to the F-770 side skins.

Next I clecoed in the lower baggage bulkhead and match drilled through it into the F-706 bulkhead.

I realized that I shouldn't have drilled nutplate holes in these two upper corner locations. The nutplate holes should only go in the F-706 parts. Well, at least the top piece will cover up the extra holes. I won't tell if you don't. ;-)

After that I clecoed on the baggage floors. Note that even though the fuselage is still upside-down, I rotated this image so it looks like it's upright. I only have 20 or 30 of the black (5/32) clecos and I've used them all up. Gonna have to order some more. While I'm at it I'll order a bunch of nutplates and extra screws from Van's.