Fri Feb 13 2009

Fabricated F-766B

This evening I fabricated this little F-766B bracket. It's the bracket that attaches the flap actuator to the actuator enclosure. I'm sorry to say it took me three tries to make this little gem. On the first one I cut the stock too short. On the second one, I got the stock the right length, but cut the flange to 5/8 wide instead of 3/4 wide. Grrr. Well third time is the charm because this one came out fine.

I figured out why I couldn't find the F-767 attach plate. It's because I'm supposed to fabricate it. The thing that was really throwing me off is that the drawing only had a couple dimensions. It was missing all the dimensions for length, width, and all the hole sizes and locations. Usually when Van's shows a detail that's missing a lot of information it means that they've cut it to size and prepunched the holes. Not in this case. So I broke out the full size prints and scaled the drawing.

This piece of material was the most likely candidate to make the attach plate out of, so I trimmed a chunk off with the band saw, then sanded and filed until I had the right size.