Sat Feb 28 2009

Fuselage miscellaneous

This evening I drilled the last holes in the baggage bulkhead and F-706 bulkhead. I noticed that although Van's has the print dimensioned such that there are two nutplates spaced 7 3/32 from the centerline, the drawing doesn't scale that way. The one on the left is really around 7 9/16. I went with this spacing to make them look more even.

While I was laying out the locations for these nutplates, I found a problem with one of the machinists squares I purchased from Enco...

Essentially it isn't square. The machining of causes roughly a 1/64 gap when you hold it up to the edge. This is on the largest of the set of four. The next size down has a similar problem, but it's probably only half as bad. I'll have to call Enco to see if I can get these replaced.

Once I was done with all the nutplate drilling, I looked for some miscellaneous tasks to do. I decided to cut the lightening holes in the seat back braces. I don't think I'll ever get comfortable using this fly cutter. It's just downright scary to use.

Here are both of the F-638 with lightening holes.