Mon Mar 2 2009

Fitting flap weldment

I spent quite a bit of time this evening mounting the flap weldment into the fuselage with the two side bearing blocks and then checking the distance between the mounting surface of the center bearing block and the flap tube. It turns out that this block has just the right amount of material (.500 inch) between the tube and the mounting surface so I didn't need to make any adjustments there. The length of this block, however is somewhat too long. After verifying that the hole locations shown in the plans will line up well with the row of holes already in the F-705A bulkhead flange, I marked the end to be trimmed off.

The DeWalt mitre saw made quick work of trimming the excess material off and left a nice clean cut. I'll take this F-680 bearing block in to work tomorrow to use one of the milling machines to make the 9/16 wide X 1/16 deep notch as noted on the plans.