Wed Mar 18 2009

Fitting F-695R

I didn't get a photo yesterday, so here's the wedge I made for the right side. It took me two tries to make this little guy. Unfortunately today I found out that the gap is much smaller on the right side. Instead of a wedge that's 1/8 thick at the aft edge and 1/16 thick at the forward edge, I need one that's 1/16 thick at the aft edge and tapers down to essentially nothing at the forward edge.

I spent about an hour and a half working this wedge thinner and thinner, but it just wasn't coming out very well so I decided to do something completely different.

Here's a strip of 2024-T3 that's .063 thick x 3/4 wide x ~4 long. I used the table saw to create a very shallow dado in this wood block that's about 1/16 deep and just under 3/4 wide. Thus when the piece of aluminum rests in here, one edge is propped up. This'll allow me to use the face of the wood block as a guide while I file the thickness down to nothing along one edge.

After a bunch of filing, cutting the piece to length, and some finish sanding and filing, here is the completed wedge. It came out much better than the other ones. I may just redo the other wedge as well.

Having drilled the F-695R gusset to the longeron and the firewall weldment earlier this evening, I just needed to drill through the gusset into the wedge and the firewall stiffener.

Here you can see the gusset has been completely drilled. Looks good. I hope my replacement F-695L gets here soon.