Sat Mar 21 2009

Fitting F-695L

Today, I got two items in the mail for the airplane. The first is this nifty clip which I will be using to hold the passenger stick in place. Mike Schipper was nice enough to mail me one of the leftover clips which he had ordered from McMaster-Carr. Thanks, Mike!

I also got the replacement F-695-L gusset from Van's.

Here I've laid out and drilled the rivet hole patterns. Notice that the hole pattern which is on the edge that will attach to the longeron uses 15/32 edge spacing rather than 7/16 as the plans showed. Also note (and you may need to click the full sized image to see this) that I've intentionally refrained from drilling a hole in the location of the one I had previously drilled through the longeron and the weldment. I'll transfer drill that one hole into this bracket after drilling the rest.

After all the longeron holes were drilled, I found that the gap between the gusset and the firewall stiffener is much tighter than with the previous gusset. As with the right side, the shim needs to be roughly .063 thick at the aft edge and taper down to nothing at the forward edge.

Here's the same wood block which was used for filing the other shim. This shim is screwed in position and ready for thinning.

Well after a bunch of effort, I got 'er thinned down.

I found it interesting that after removing the screws, the shim had a significant bow along it's length.

Once cut to length and slipped into position, it only took a minute to drill these five holes.

Here's the left gusset fully drilled.