Sat Apr 4 2009

Deburring and dimpling fuselage components

Although I didn't get a photo, I started out the day by drilling all the remaining nutplate attach holes in the seat and baggage floor ribs. I can now return the nutplate jig to Brent and Greg. Thanks for the loan, guys.

I realized I hadn't finished countersinking my longerons way back when. As I recall, I was about two thirds of the way through when the pilot broke off my countersink bit. Today I got back to finishing this up. I was happily countersinking along when I noticed they seemed a bit too deep. It's probably hard to see in this image, but the rivet is sitting a few thousandths too deep in this countersink.

This one, however, is just fine. The countersink cage was at the same setting as the previous one, so what could cause this?

It turns out the locking knurled ring had come loose. There's apparently enough play in the threads to allow the bit to go a few thousandths deeper.

After finishing countersinking and deburring the longerons, I deburred the tailcone bottom skin. It's ready for dimpling.

The F-771 bottom aft tailcone skin got deburred and dimpled. I also used the scotchbrite wheel in my die grinder to polish out some marks from the flanges of the bulkheads. This skin is really thick. I used the squeezer around the edges, but had to break out the dimpling table for the middle holes. It took a couple hard whacks for each hole. I used my close quarters female die so that the curvature of this skin wouldn't get dented by the corners of the dimple die.

The pile is larger yet. I also have the other four J-channel stiffeners edge deburred and about half the holes were deburred before my cordless screwdriver ran out of juice. Charging the battery as I type this. Kody's coming tomorrow, so I'll try to get a second skin deburred and seamed prior to his arrival so we can dimple.