Fri Apr 10 2009

Visit to WhirlWind Propeller

Today I drove up to the Cleveland area to visit some extended family and pick up my dad who has been visiting my grandmother for the past week and a half. While I was in the area, we drove over to Austinburg, OH to visit WhirlWind propeller since they make the 200RV prop that I'm going to be putting on my airplane. Greg Anderson was nice enough to give us a tour of the Titan Aircraft and WhirlWind facility. He showed us a number of props. This one is for an RV-10. While it was a nice tour, the organization of their facility leaves a little to be desired (understatement). It's a much smaller facility than Hartzell which I visited a while ago and not nearly as clean / controlled / organized. That said, the prop is very simple and the construction looks great, so I think it'll be a great prop for the RV.