Sat Apr 11 2009

Deburring and dimpling fuselage components

Today with my dad in town, we got to work deburring more of the fuselage components. I spent some time making these rudder cable fairings. I figured that now's the time to match drill these puppies to the tailcone side skins. The leading (rounded) end of these fairings is a little lumpy, but I figure that I can just fill them with a little epoxy and micro balloons before I rivet them on.

After my dad finished deburring the center section bottom skin and the forward bottom skin, I countersunk the forward bottom skin and the lower longerons for the 509-10R12 screws that attach the fuel tank support bracket and the forward arm of the landing gear weldment. The plans actually call to countersink through the side skin, the bottom skin, and the lower longeron. But if you do that, the countersunk hole in the .032 side skin will have almost no bearing surface for the screw to pull against. I thought it would be a much better idea to dimple the side skin (sample dimple in scrap shown here) and countersink through the bottom skin and the lower longeron. Now the screw head will have a nice large surface to seat against. If you desire to do this yourself, you'll need to plan quite a bit ahead because the instructions and plans have these assemblies riveted together long before these holes are even drilled.

The pile grows ever larger. You can see that I dimpled the rest of the tailcone J channel stiffeners amongst some other components. More deburring and dimpling tomorrow. Yay. :-/