Thu Apr 16 2009

Drilling engine mount to firewall

Still feeling bummed out about the fiasco from yesterday we decided to take another shot at the remaining 5 holes. Unfortunately we realized that we didn't have small enough size increments with the reamers I had borrowed, so we drove back to work and borrowed some more. With this set we're able to step up from #28 to 3/8 inch in roughly .015 to .020 increments. Man, it's nice having access to a machine shop.

After completing the top left hole which we had pilot drilled yesterday, we drilled and reamed the top right hole. Surprisingly, this one shifted about .045 inch, but we didn't have any difficulty getting the bolts in, so it's still lined up. However, the fact that the reamer could shift made us think that we should ream the bottom two mounting holes using the engine mount as a guide. That worked out perfectly, so now all we need to do is wait for the replacement parts to arrive and we should be able to ream the final (bottom left) hole. I had them shipped USPS priority mail, so hopefully they'll arrive on Saturday.