Sat Apr 18 2009

Priming fuselage parts

Well, my replacement parts from Van's didn't show up today. I wonder what's the deal? Should have been two days via USPS priority mail. Sigh. I'll have to hang on to those reamers another couple days I guess.

Several of the parts we primed today needed some portion of their surface masked off. I'm not sure what I'm doing for interior paint yet, so I don't want to spray primer on a bunch of parts now only to find that the primer's not compatible with whatever paint I end up using.

After several more hours of priming, we had pretty much everything complete. Here is the stuff we did yesterday. There are a few parts on the pile which I've decided not to prime at all since they're alclad.

This is the stuff we primed today getting a final bake in the sun.

Once all the spray equipment was cleaned up, we decided to level up the sawhorses for fuselage reassembly. We used my Starrett precision level to level the forward-most and aft-most sawhorses, then strung a pair of fishing lines tightly over the top of them to use as a reference for setting the height of the middle sawhorse.

There was just enough time to cleco a few bulkheads in place before getting cleaned up to go to dinner with friends tonight. Man, this is so exciting!

BTW, this is pretty much the point I wanted to be at the beginning of this week. Then we could have spent the entire week riveting. It seems everything I do on this project takes me way longer than I expected. Sigh. I've got to go back to work on Monday and my dad's headed back to Nevada on Tuesday, so I'm going to have to recruit some friends to help with riveting this thing together.