Sat Apr 25 2009

Priming and bulkhead assembly

Today was a beautiful day and perfect for priming. I decided to disassemble the firewall structure and get all those parts prepped and primed. One of the pieces (the lower channel) needed to be countersunk to accept the skin dimples. For some reason my countersink bit wasn't fitting well into the drilled holes and the pilot ended up breaking off. Fortunately I had a spare. It was a bit dull, but got the job done.

After washing all the parts and cleaning with MEK, I primed all the firewall structure.

Here are some more firewall parts after priming. You may notice I've masked off areas on these parts so that only the portions which are sandwiched against other parts are primed.

You may remeber that previously I drilled the firewall and structure for nutplates to hold the brake fluid reservoir on. These needed dimpled, so out came the c-frame.

The dimples came out quite nicely.

After taking Snickers for a walk, I got this little sub assembly together. It's what the elevator bellcrank attaches to.

After installing a bunch of nutplates, I riveted the rear carrythrough spar to the F-705 bulkhead. Hrm...something doesn't look right here.

Arghhhh!! You see that little hole buried under the joggled 1/8 thick bar? There's supposed to be an AN470AD4-6 rivet in there. Crap...gotta drill these bars off and install that rivet. Sounds like a good place to stop for the night.