Mon Apr 27 2009

Installing nutplates and firewall reassembly

Tonight was the first night of doing a significant amount of work in the garage. I've gotta's not nearly as nice as working in the basement. Today was pretty hot (mid 80's) and high humidity, so I sweated my keester off while installing all these nutplates on the F-706 bulkhead.

The two nutplates near the center of the F-706 bulkhead had a slight interference with the vertical member which supports the baggage compartment wall.

I carefully notched the flanges on each side to clear the nutplates and all was well with the world. :-)

After that, I deburred the 3/8 holes in the firewall and the weldments and reassembled the firewall structure to the firewall itself. Note the blue masking tape where I'll be waiting to rivet those components on until later.

Here you can see that I've pretty much only primed the surfaces of these structural pieces where they mate to other pieces or the firewall itself. I'll decide later what (if anything) I plan to do for the exposed surfaces of the structure.

You can see here why I'm delaying installation of the large weldments at the bottom center of the firewall. If I was to install these now, there would be no way for me to buck the two rivets on the lower firewall stiffener angle. Thanks Mike Bullock for that tip! :-)