Sat May 2 2009

Riveting firewall and tailcone

My good friend, Brent, came over this morning at 6:30AM (OMG, 6:30 AM) to help me do some riveting. First task was to get the firewall riveted together. That didn't take long. All the rivets came out great...didn't have to drill a single one out.

After that, we moved out to the garage and (nearly) finished riveting the tailcone. There's one bulkhead left to rivet and I can get one side of that with a squeezer.

Thanks for the help, Brent!!!

While Brent and I were riveting, I noticed that I had forgotten to install these rivets. After he headed out, I thought about how I could get AN470AD4 rivets in this rather confined space.

Finally I just decided to take the easy route and install some pop rivets. On the RV-7A model, there really doesn't need to be two bulkheads here anyway, so these rivets don't serve much purpose. Pop rivets will do just fine.