Thu May 14 2009

Dimpling side skins and ribs for aileron pushrood boot rings

You may be wondering why I drilled out these 13 rivets around the spar cutout.

It's because I forgot that the aileron boot rings get screwed to the side of the fuselage in this location and there are some rivets which are normally AN470 rivets which I need to switch to AN426 rivets. That means that I need to remove the F-704H side plates, countersink them, and dimple the skins and ribs where these rings overlap.

After about two hours I had both sides done. You can see the three rivet holes just forward of the aileron pushrod access hole have been dimpled as well as two holes at the 5 o'clock position. My close quarters dimple die for the 1/8 rivets was necessary to dimple the ribs.