Sat May 23 2009

Prepping for riveting forward fuselage

Today, I clecoed up the center section bottom skin. I'm hoping to find a riveting helper for this weekend.

See the empty rivet hole just to the right of the cleco? That normally gets a pop rivet, but I thought it would be nicer to install a solid rivet here. What I did was remove the forward half of the F-704 bulkhead, then install the forward bottom skin.

The squeezer did a nice job of installing an AN470 rivet. Afterward, I just slipped the forward half of the AN470 bulkhead back in position.

I also riveted the F-7101 webs to the F-904? bulkheads.

Last thing for today was to cleco in the rest of the bulkheads. It looks like Greg is gonna come up tomorrow morning to help get some of this riveting done. Woot!