Tue May 26 2009

Fitting floor stiffeners

This evening I started looking into fitting the firewall and the forward bottom skin floor stiffeners. I had noticed earlier that the holes in my floor stiffeners seemed somewhat misdrilled, so I was on the lookout for something that didn't fit right. Sure enough, I found that the two vertical firewall stiffeners on either side of the firewall recess were cut a few thousandths too long. As you can see here, it's enough to prevent the stiffener from laying flat against the sheet metal.

To solve this, I gently pried the stiffener up away from the stainless and kept it lifted up with a thin piece of wood while I used a thin abrasive disc to trim a few thousandths off the end of this stiffener. It worked pretty well, but I ended up with some scratches from the abrasive disc in the lower firewall stiffener.

After doing that trimming, I clecoed the firewall in position along with the floor stiffener and the engine mount angle.

Yup...just as I susptected, these holes were drilled in the wrong location. Dang. I'm gonna have to fabricate a couple new floor stiffeners.

Fortunately I had ordered some extra 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/16 angle from Van's when I ordered my finishing kit. I marked this piece out. I'll take it in to work tomorrow and use my joggle tool with the hydraulic press to joggle a couple new pieces.