Thu Jun 11 2009

Forward fuselage work

Dang it's been a couple weeks since I worked on the plane. Work has been really busy, I've been working on EAA9 stuff, and Kerin's had me digging holes for two new trees we bought. Anyway, tonight I got out to the shop for about an hour and put in a few rivets. This photo shows the aft end of one of the center floor stiffeners. The forward two rivets were easy to squeeze with the hand squeezer, but the aft one is too far back in the corner to get a square bite on it.

After weighing my options, I decided to just have a go at it with the squeezer. Because the squeezer wasn't straight, the shop head tipped over a bit, but the only other option was a pop rivet and I figure this rivet is stronger than a pop rivet even though it's a little crooked.

Kerin helped me drive the rivet at the forward end of the stiffener where this little bracket attaches to the firewall. They came out great. Thanks, sweetie!