Wed Jun 17 2009

Flipped the canoe!

This evening, my buddy Brent (not the RV-8 Brent, but a different one) came over to help me finish up the riveting on the forward fuselage. This photo shows the area where the heavy brackets are located for the lower center engine mounts. The two holes above the primed area would have been obscured for bucking access if I had already installed the heavy brackets.

However, with the brackets missing, it was simple to rivet all the way along the lower firewall stiffener including these two rivets on either side of the centerline.

Brent did a great job on the gun and the rivets came out perfect. I was especially pleased with the way the gap closed up on the lower edge of the side skins.

After that, we bolted the engine mount on (finger tight) and...

...flipped the canoe! Man, this looks so cool!

I had to come out again and just look at it. Still a lot of work to go, but this feels like a major milestone to me. Thanks, Brent, for all the help tonight!