Sat Jun 20 2009

Drilling aft deck

First task for today was to cut one of my sawhorses down to a "shorty" version so I could level the fuselage.

These upper gussets needed to be installed, so I clecoed them in place. Note that along the firewall angle, I've got those thin wedges clecoed in place as well.

On this side, I used the gun and bucked the rivets. The shop heads came out good, but the manufactured heads took a bit of abuse. On the other side, I used my Main Squeeze squeezer with the no-hole yoke. The manufactured heads looked perfect, but the shop heads were slightly angled. If I had to do it over again, I'm not sure whether I'd drive/buck all of them or squeeze all of them.

After leveling the fuselage at the F-704 main carry through bulkhead, I checked the level just forward of where the aft deck gets riveted. As you can see, the fuselage has some twist to it. It's also interesting to note that even though the carpenter's level is showing the fuselage to be level, the precision machinist's level shows it significantly out. If that's not enough to convince you to abandon carpenter's levels for airplane building, I dunno what is.

It took some time to get the twist out, but I managed to get it nearly perfect. Note that one increment on this level results in a .005 inch per foot slope. Since the fuselage is about 1 foot wide here, it appears it's twist-free within .001 or .002 inches.

With the aft deck clamped up, I just transferred drilled into the longerons.

I also match drilled this bulkhead.

...and fabricated and match drilled these spacer bars.

Last task for the evening was to match drill the seatbelt anchors to the longerons. Also worth noting is all the blue painter's tape along all the stiffeners. I'm trying to avoid getting drill shavings caught between layers. I taped up the entire tailcone this way.