Sat Jun 27 2009

New garage workbench

Well the disorganization of working in the garage finally got the best of me and I had to make a workbench. The problem is our garage is really small. There's barely enough room for our two cars (or currently Kerin's car and the fuselage). So I decided on a long skinny design that could fold up against the wall when not in use. Here's the 18" wide x 8' long final product. I actually started on this last weekend and got about halfway done. I've got about 12 hours total designing and building this little guy.

I designed the legs and top to act as a four bar linkage so the legs would be maintianed vertical while folding and unfolding it. Here the bench is propped up in a partially folded position.

Once folded against the wall it only sticks out about 4 inches.

A simple wood puck with a heavy duty wood screw secures it to the wall. I'm reasonably pleased with the way this came out.