Sun Jun 28 2009

Armrest modifications

Well, it didn't take long to get a bunch of crap piled on top (and below) the new workbench. Actually it's pretty organized. Kerin helped me clean things up this afternoon. I think the mess was getting to her, too. I located my old Craftsman tool box for use in the the garage. Not nearly as nice as the Kennedy boxes in the basement, but fine for this bench. I also deburred the aft deck (leaning up against the wall) and the longerons where I had previously match drilled.

Later after dropping Kody off I finished the modification of adding these stiffening angles to the arm rests. All that's left to do with these is prime them, dimple the arm rests, and rivet the pieces together. I wanted to get these ready for priming tonight because my dad is coming to town tomorrow and we plan on working on the plane while he's here. If the weather is good tomorrow, we can prime these pieces as well as all the parts that need to be riveted along with the aft deck.