Tue Jun 30 2009

Working on pushrod tubes

My dad's in town for the week, so I took an extra day off this week (already had a three day weekend) to work on the plane. We primed a number of parts, and also worked on the aileron and elevator pushrods. Here's one end showing the match drilling. The marks made with the center punch are to allow us to get them matched back up after priming.

Here's how we got even spacing of the six rivet holes. Wrap a piece of paper around the tube so that it overlaps itself, then make a mark longwise on both layers of paper. Then remove the paper, lay it out flat, and measure out six equal spaces. Then when you re-wrap the paper around the tube, just transfer the marks from the paper to the tube and drill.

We primed the inside and outside of these tubes and also the pushrod tube ends before calling it a night.